Getting Started

Revitron is a Revit API wrapper written in Python that can help you to develop clean and powerful pyRevit extensions. Check out the developer guide for more information or use the cheat sheet to get started quickly.


There are three options for installing Revitron and the Revitron UI — using the pyRevit UI, using the pyRevit CLI or installing the full bundle.


Note that in order to use the Revitron package manager or the bundle installer, Git must be installed on your computer.

Using the pyRevit UI

To use the Revit UI to install this extensions, open the pyRevit tab, click on pyRevit > Extensions to open the extensions manager and follow these instructions.

Using the pyRevit CLI

In case you want to use the command line to install Revitron and the Revitron UI, use the following command:

pyrevit extend lib revitron
pyrevit extend ui revitron

Bundled Version

There is also a bundle installer available that will install pyRevit including the Revitron and the Revitron UI packages.

  1. Right-click here to download the Revitron installer. Make sure it keeps the .bat extension.

  2. Move the install.bat to the directory, where you want to install pyRevit.

  3. Double-click the install.bat file to start the installation and wait until it has finished.

  4. Start Revit.

Revitron CLI Setup

In order to be able to run the revitron command from anywhere it has to be added to your path environment variable. You can do that manually or by running the following commands once:

cd path\to\revitron.lib