Source code for revitron.create

The ``create`` submodule and its ``Create`` class contain helpful shorthand methods to create 
**Revit** elements and families programatically. For example a centered room tag can be created as follows::

	tag = revitron.Create.roomTag(self.element, self.getBboxCenter())
Note that some methods are also directly accessible in element classes such as ``Room``::

	tag = _(room).tagCenter()
import os

[docs]class Create: """ A collection of shorthand methods to create **Revit** elements. """
[docs] @staticmethod def familyDoc(template, savePath): """ Creates a new familiy document from a given template and saves it.add() Args: template (string): The template name without the ``.rft`` extension. savePath (string): The full path of the family file to be saved as. Returns: object: A reference to the newly created family document. """ import revitron try: if os.path.isfile(savePath): os.remove(savePath) except: pass templatesDir = revitron.APP.FamilyTemplatePath templatePath = os.path.join(templatesDir, template + '.rft') famDoc = revitron.APP.NewFamilyDocument(templatePath) opt = revitron.DB.SaveAsOptions() opt.OverwriteExistingFile = True famDoc.SaveAs(savePath, opt) return famDoc
[docs] @staticmethod def familyExtrusion( familyDoc, curveArrayArray, sketchPlane, height=10.0, location=False, isSolid=True ): """ Creates an extrusion within a given family document. Args: familyDoc (object): A reference to a family document. curveArrayArray (object): A Revit API ``CurveArrArray``. sketchPlane (object): A Revit API ``SketchPlane``. height (float, optional): The extrusion height. Defaults to 10.0. location (object, optional): A Revit API ``XYZ`` point object. Defaults to False. isSolid (bool, optional): Soild (True) or void (False). Defaults to True. Returns: object: The extrusion element. """ import revitron if not location: location = revitron.DB.XYZ(0, 0, 0) if revitron.Document(familyDoc).isFamily(): extrusion = familyDoc.FamilyCreate.NewExtrusion( isSolid, curveArrayArray, sketchPlane, height ) revitron.DB.ElementTransformUtils.MoveElement( familyDoc, extrusion.Id, location ) return extrusion
[docs] @staticmethod def familyInstance(familySymbolId, location, structuralType=False): """ Creates a new family instance. Example:: transaction = revitron.Transaction() instance = revitron.Create.familyInstance(familySymbolId, location) transaction.commit() Args: familySymbolId (object): A Revit API family symbol ID. location (object): A Revit API ``XYZ`` point. structuralType (object, optional): A Revit API structural type of False for ``NonStructural``. Defaults to False. Returns: object: The family instance. """ import revitron from revitron import _ if not structuralType: structuralType = revitron.DB.Structure.StructuralType.NonStructural familySymbol = _(familySymbolId).element if not familySymbol.IsActive: familySymbol.Activate() return revitron.DOC.Create.NewFamilyInstance( location, familySymbol, structuralType )
[docs] @staticmethod def GridLineLinear(start, end, name): """ Create a new linear grid line. Args: start (object): A Revit ``XYZ`` element end (object): A Revit ``XYZ`` element name (string): The grid name Returns: object: A Revit grid element """ import revitron line = revitron.DB.Line.CreateBound(start, end) try: grid = revitron.DB.Grid.Create(revitron.DOC, line) grid.Name = name return grid except: revitron.Log().error('Can\'t create grid line "{}"'.format(name)) return None
[docs] @staticmethod def roomTag(room, location, typeId=False, viewId=False): """ Creates a room tag for a given room element. Args: room (object): A Revit room element location (object): A Revit point object typeId (ElementId, optional): An optional Id of a tag type. Defaults to False. viewId (ElementId, optional): An optional Id of a view. Defaults to the currently active view. Returns: object: The Revit ``RoomTag`` element """ import revitron from revitron import _ if not viewId: viewId = revitron.ACTIVE_VIEW.Id clsName = _(room).getClassName() if clsName != 'Room': revitron.Log().error( 'Can\'t tag an element of class "{}" with a room tag.'.format(clsName) ) return False location = revitron.DB.UV(location.X, location.Y) tag = revitron.DOC.Create.NewRoomTag( revitron.DB.LinkElementId(room.Id), location, viewId ) if typeId: if tag.IsValidType(typeId): tag.ChangeTypeId(typeId) return tag
[docs] @staticmethod def view3D(): """ Create a new 3D view. Returns: object: A Revit 3D view element """ import revitron view3DType = None for viewFamilyType in revitron.Filter().byClass(revitron.DB.ViewFamilyType ).onlyTypes().getElements(): if viewFamilyType.FamilyName == '3D View': view3DType = viewFamilyType break return revitron.DB.View3D.CreateIsometric(revitron.DOC, view3DType.Id)